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positive and negative side of globalization: Positive and Negative Impacts of Globalization The theory of Globalization

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Not only the revenue generation, but globalization has become quite necessary to business world. Most people like accountants, programmers, editors,s, and scientists have lost jobs due to outsourcing to cheaper locations like India. Globalization tends to be the realm of the elite because in many parts of the world they are the only people who are affluent enough to buy many of the products available in the global marketplace. Highly educated and wealthy people from different backgrounds interact within a westernized milieu. Western styles, since are symbols of affluence and power, the elite often embraces western styles of products and patterns of behavior to impress others. Although governments have the ability to control multi-nationalization of production, the macroeconomic benefits that they gain have made them not to control, but instead, liberalize the production increase.

How 5G Will Affect American Jobs: Predictions and Implications – Ghacks

How 5G Will Affect American Jobs: Predictions and Implications.

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Successful businesses are for those who can find a competitive advantage and especially make high-quality products for a low price. About 90 percent of the first-world population earns for living through employment. Globalization has brought this trend to a halt as more job opportunities are now available locally and internationally. By using technology, one can access employment opportunities, work remotely and even have more than one job. Worldwide integration impacted countries with developed economies.

Despite that fact, benefits created by it far outweigh the disadvantages. Overall, I am convinced that we should further promote globalization and meanwhile the local government should take measures to combat culture assimilation and sweat workshops. Within countries, globalization often has the effect of increasing immigration.

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Businesses are essentially constantly creating global demand for their tangible products. Admittedly, the profit driven side of globalization has severely affected young people. Today, in the metropolises in different countries, it is very common to see teenagers wearing NIKE T-shirts and Adidas footwear, playing Hip-Hop music on Apple iPods and eating at KFC. The culture that took a thousand years to form just seems similar in these cities; it seems as though you can only distinguish them by their language. Meanwhile, in some developing countries, sweat workshops are always a concerning issue. For instance, reports show that some teenagers employed by NIKE’s contractors work in smelly factories over 14 hours a day, but are only paid fifty cents per hour.

Globalisation also ensures that smaller developing countries can unite and work together for their better good. Furthermore, increased interdependency encourages there to be peace and can reduce the risk of invasions. Moreover, the rise of technology and the internet has given the oppressed a voice so that people around the globe know what’s happening and can lobby for changes. They have also expanded by acquiring companies in developing countries, partnering and merging with others to reach out to a big market and produce cheaper goods due to the availability of materials and labor. Availability of cross-border market encourages companies from developed countries to create various goods because they have consumers worldwide.

Human rights have been improved as a result of globalization since media coverage on violations of the rights receives attention from all over the world. It is through globalization that leaders address inequalities since information and openness get promoted. When it comes to trade, the liberalization trend is greatly impacted by the rising interest of exporters to open up domestic markets. On the other hand, cross-national variations remain, when it comes to integration of market. The three components lead to variation in basic causes of globalization. For example, various governments possess all political incentives they need to regulate the movement of cross-border capital, but the revolution of information technology has made it almost impossible.

  • Since then, there has been an explosion of protests throughout the country, with women demanding more freedom.
  • Most business people use this available means of interaction to get in touch with directors as well as CEO’s of successful traders to invest their money and discuss possible profits and dividends.
  • Globalization is the process where people, governments, and organizations across the world interact and integrate through trade and commerce.
  • Before globalization, skilled people got employment in government sectors and companies where they received high salaries.

Culture pertains to the way particular people do things as well as their values and believes. For instance, gender equality is not recognized in some legal systems, and they do not allow women to lead or engage in business. Before globalization, many countries would not allow females to acquire education, and even if they did, they were supposed to do jobs such as teaching or nursing. Now a lot of states have adopted features of American culture even in the way they carry out business.

Legal Effects

When it comes to the https://1investing.in/ effects of globalization, one must look at the environmental damage, insecurity of the job market, and fluctuating prices. Globalization leads to increased production which means increased utilization of natural resources. More trade also means increased transport and using more fossil fuels.

Due to globalization, many companies have now moved to areas where the cost of production is cheaper. With low production costs, companies can offer goods to customers at more affordable rates. Although the effect cannot be seen directly, globalization has contributed greatly in enhancing the world security. For example, it is extremely difficult to see two countries attacking each other if the economy of one of the countries depends largely on the economy of the other country.


The local people get jobs from these industries and companies established in their country. Investors boost the country’s economy by paying taxes to the government. They help to improve institutions such as schools and hospital through the government agencies which benefits the locals and their family members. While it is just a business venture like any other, students from developing countries take it as an advantage to get further education and skills to use in their careers. The investors from developed countries settle abroad with their families, what’s more, they want to have good schools for their children. As a result, they donate to local schools, advance the curriculum and hire qualified teachers.

Increased Competition

I buy lots of my devices or tools online, what is more, I can communicate with people from other countries via popular networks. On the other hand, due to worldwide integration, I have never succeeded in getting a job in an office. All my applications have been turned down because there is high competition.

This will increase investment and saving habits and this further increases the rate of capital formation in the country. Due to globalization, many large and small trade Institutions of the country are combined together. The facilities of Telecommunication, transport, bank, insurance has improved as a result of globalization only.

The major standards of living have improved due to an extended labor market. Researchers distinguish several dimensions of globalization, chiefly among them they emphasize on political, social, and economic models. The modern political approach pertains to the coordination and cooperation between different governments. National partnerships were primarily created to overcome such global problems as wars, diseases, hunger, and environmental pollution.

Positive Aspects of Globalization

Large fast food firms such as Dominos and Mcdonalds seem to be spreading their franchisee in all parts of the world. This is as a positive and negative side of globalization of the globalization which creates all kinds of negative effects on people’s health. Nations not familiar with such junk type gets easy access to it and end up deteriorating their well-being. Due to increased interaction through globalization among the different countries, the ideas and innovations of one tends to influence the other.


Then people reconsidered their authentic rules and customs regarding their culture as primitive. Some nations from developing countries adopt the western culture and abandon there’s own. The community leaders can no longer pursue their own domestic policy punishing citizens for crimes them as they did before because they are regarded as backward and primitive by international society. They adopt the culture which is quite strange and distant from their nature, due to such policy, people conduct themselves regardless of actual laws.

The country that receives the inflow of capital benefits because that capital contributes to investment and, therefore, to productivity. Foreign investment also often comes with, or in the form of, technology, know-how, or access to distribution channels that can help the recipient nation. Throughout history, commerce and business have been limited by certain geographic constraints.

Due to advanced technology, communication has revolutionized and enhanced connectivity. Technology has helped in improving transportation with modern ships, airplanes, and trains, which has increased trading among nations. Technology is the main drive behind globalization, with enhanced technology leading to rapid increase in globalization over the last century.

L. Furini noted that vector-borne diseases affecting the human population have been linked with changing weather patterns. Some people insist that because of this process, the spirit of countries and nations rapidly disappears. The integrity, established years ago is on the verge of collapsing. Furthermore, there’s a strong lobby of communists who , that the globalization indicates an uncontrolled reign of capitalists and slave work of lower labour-class. We should never forget about the detrimental impact of global investments on the environment – the green house effect or soar rains are triggered by globalization.

10000+ students, 60+ Courses, 125+ Nationalities, 18+ Academic Partners, 10+ years in the market. Some of the significant and thorny issues include provision of basic amenities with other facilities to citizens would become abstruse for a country because of tremendous raise in population. Few recommended practices to efficiently address this critical problem are also highlighted in this order. The prohibition of importing products that are made with child labour is done in the _____. The global protests over the killing of Mahsa Amini is an example of the effect of globalisation on _____.

Unfortunately, terrorists recruit young people, residents of the country and make them believe they are doing the right things. Globalization has increased the wealth of many countries, but it also has a negative side to it. While many would argue that increased globalization is the way to go, others would argue that it is the wrong path to take.

Most industries employ only skilled workers due to complicated systems of operation. Instead of staying without an income, most people don’t mind the displacement as long as they are going to earn for a living. This term became popular in the 1990s when ordinary people got access to the global net. Globalization pertains to the transborder business along with cross-boundaries investments.

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